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Most of the skincare products you see advertised on TV or in magazines are just so-so. They rely on pre-assembled ingredients. These products are not the best. As a writer and a woman, I knew that there had to be skin products on the market that were better than those we see. It was my goal to find them. We were happy to discover products that used components such as Cynergy TK or phytessence wakame, which are small, specialized companies. These companies are unlikely to have heard of them as they focus their marketing efforts on research and development. They create the highest quality, all-natural skincare products we have ever seen.

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Natural products are better than synthetic ones. Parabens, alcohols and scents are just a few examples of synthetic substances. Parabens are particularly dangerous as there have been some studies that found them in breast cancers. Remember that our skin is porous and can absorb any products we use into our bloodstream, which could cause long-term problems. The body is not in danger from natural components like the ones mentioned above or organic plant oils and oil, as long as they are properly processed. All organic ingredients must be processed before they can be used in lotions or other products. Organic plant oils are especially effective for dry skin because most of the natural oils closely resemble human skin oils. It is important to use products that stimulate the body to produce more of these proteins. It is a wonderful time to use ingredients such as Cynergy TK or phytessence wakame. It is a blessing that there are companies out there that value quality and efficacy above all else.

Plat oils are preferred over mineral oils and synthetic oils found in many common skincare products. Mineral oil can clog pores and cause breakouts. Plant oils work by creating a thin layer of moisture. However, they do not block pores. Our top picks for skincare products contain a variety of plant oils, but not mineral oil. Cynergy TK and phytessence wakame are two options for organic skincare products that have anti-aging properties. Both of these products have been shown to stimulate our bodies’ production of collagen and elastin. You probably know that collagen and elastin are two essential proteins to keep our skin youthful. You cannot increase the levels of elastin or collagen by massaging your skin. These molecules are too large to be eaten.

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