Does One Have Got A Twenty Five Foot Tall Security Fence At Your Neighborhood Airport? Who’re We Preserving Out, Bigfoot?

Properly, should the terrorists don’t get us the forms definitely will. Variety of jogs my memory of “Hitchhiker’s Information on the Galaxy” when i think it over. Recently, our regional newspaper noted the airport here was placing in the 25-foot bigfoot drawing higher stability fence all-around the perimeter with the airport, but why? So, no person climbs over, or should they do, they are going to be head and shoulders higher than the nearby Yucca Tree populace and therefore, be witnessed by the Air Traffic Handle staff among short naps? Critically, our airport is just not that occupied listed here. Alright so, let us communicate.

The Desert Sunlight ran a picture on the entrance web page that has a caption; Palm Springs Airport receives 25-foot Tall Fence,” along with the photographer was just in a position to obtain a non-public jet landing from the track record, I’m wondering just how long he needed to hold out for that exceptional photo-op shot? Like I said it isn’t that occupied at Palm Springs Airport. On June seven, 2012 the paper ran a short 400 phrase post titled; “Palm Springs International Airport replaces fencing,” composed by Blake Herzog outlining that it absolutely was as a result of Division of Homeland Stability updates.

In my humble feeling and being a taxpayer, I might say; this can be a waste of cash, but being a pilot, I might say it can be in fact unsafe. The thing is, aircraft that get into issues and crash typically have troubles in the vicinity of and close to the airport through takeoff and landings. So, when the engine quits on take-off, or even the plane is in trouble endeavoring to make the airport, the DHS would like to make certain you can find one particular past hurdle and barrier to acquire about – very well, thanks a lot, I say.

Glance, here is my level. If we want to avoid terrorist functions, why not place in the far more robust protection at our borders with Mexico? Who will be we attempting to keep away from the airport – Bigfoot? If a person can climb more than and eight or 10 foot chain-link fence, then clearly they might climb over one that’s 25 foot tall. Yes, there’s a increased opportunity which they may well twist their ankle coming down the other aspect, and it does give much more deterrence, but could it be truly creating us any safer?